Monday Night Pink Power  Events

Mondays 7-9pm (RSVP by Noon Required)

Bloom & Gather Studio

(We’re located in the Westgate Business Park!)

6104 Westgate Rd. Ste 123
Raleigh, NC 27617

$6/Consultant Shared Event Fee

$20/Month Autopay (please fill out Autopay form & turn in at meeting)

(Guests always free!)

ABSOLUTELY No children.  We love them, but a business environment is no place for them.

What to say when inviting guests?  Just save the image, then copy, paste & send individually to each of your peeps: 

“Hey __! How spontaneous are you? Since you are such a great customer of mine, I’d love to have you come peek into my Pink Bubble to see a little more about our story!  You said you love the (product she liked), how about I gift that to you (or you can offer %off) just for coming as my guest?  Can I count on you to join me!? It is fun and super laid back!”

When she says Yes: “Great! I am so excited to spend some time with you! You are going to love everyone there. 
 “Ok, I’ll be wearing my MK beauty coat and a skirt, but you can wear whatever you’re most comfortable with! Just come as you are if you like!  

If she says, she can’t come, she’s busy:  “Ok! No problem! What about ….” (Give her another day/time that week to meet for coffee/tea.  Always have a back up!)

(Always check our Calendar for attire & the latest event details!)


Locations & Times Vary

(Always check our Google Calendar for the latest event details like location/date/time!)


  • Bring your cell phone, contact #s, schedule and 20 seconds of courage!
  • Casual attire is fine!  LOL!
  • This is the PERFECT opportunity to create discipine in your booking while being a part of a community!

Color 101

This is part of our New Consultant Training

(Always check our Google Calendar for the latest event details like location/date/time!)

  • Must have guest to attend. BYOS.
  • 24-hour RSVP required.
  • Please have guests come with a clean face.

Calendars are subject to change.  A good rule of thumb:  Please check our Google Calendar AND Raleigh Meeting Info Facebook Page for updates!  
As always, remember to RSVP your guests whenever we have guest events!  We appreciate your consideration and professionalism!